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Summer Gardening, Saving Water & Fighting Pests

July 21, 2010

For the past few summers it’s been really damp outside and I had almost given up on growing anything edible. This summer, the heat is more even and I’ve been able to get out every morning to water… but something is eating my work! I’ve got a few things producing:

Tamdoll's garden 2010

To save water I have a bucket under my a/c (I know, a/c is using power…) and another one in my dehumidifier to collect the H20. I haven’t had to turn on a hose to water much, so that’s been really good.

Tamdoll's garden 2010

I’ve mulched around the plants with dried leaves and newsprint to help keep the moisture in the soil. It looks a bit scraggly and I’ve still been weeding – next year I will have to be more vigilant about laying this down thicker. This week I’ve been noticing some destruction of the pepper plant leaves and some missing tomatoes!

Tamdoll's garden 2010

It’s supposed to rain later today, but when that’s over I plan on laying down a nice thick spray concoction that’s worked for me in the past. This should repel the insects (and any humans or pets that get a whiff):

Grind up in a blender:

1 Tablespoon Cayenne pepper

2 cloves crushed garlic

few drops dish detergent

1 Quart water

Strain through a cheesecloth, put in a spray bottle and coat garden, reapplying after a rainfall.

I’ve used this in the past and don’t even remember where it’s from originally (I have it scrawled into the margin of my Heloise from A to Z book near “Garden”) and it’s always done the job.

How do you take care of your garden?


  1. As you know, I'm not a fan of tomatoes, but those peppers and cukes look great!

  2. This year I have not been doing much with my garden because I've been working like a crazy woman! It's just not fair when creatures come and eat all one's hard work. I'm growing tomatoes, peppers, herbs, swiss chard, and lettuces on my deck in pots. seems to be the best place--sum and away form plant-eating creatures. I did scare away a tomato-stealing raccoon late one night. I must have done a thorough job (yelling) because it never came back.

  3. They look great! I completely forgot about my dehumidifier--silly me.

    And thanks for the recipe. I will have to use that next time.

  4. We may very well try that recipe for "pest" repellent. Last year our garden fell victim to something or someone stealing our tomatoes. So I say to all tomato-loving rodents and neighbors: back off!

    Thanks for sharing, once again.

  5. Note to readers: Stay upwind from this one. The pepper definitely makes you cough, and the garlic smell lingers. Yeah, I know what I'm talking about....

  6. That is a great idea on collecting water! Someone has been eating my tomatoes also. I like your photos!


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