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Raspberry – Rhubarb Bread

July 3, 2010

Mr. Tamdoll said this was the best bread I’ve made in years.  Too bad I: didn’t follow the recipe; eyeball-measured everything; didn’t use a bread machine as directed and forgot to time how long I kneaded it or let it rise… so duplicating this one will be fun….

Tamdoll's Raspberry Rhubarb Bread

Original recipe from one of my favorite sources – the King Arthur Flour website.

Do you ever make something, want to duplicate it and not always remember how you did it in the first place?

Tamdoll needs a sharper knife


  1. yum - looks fantastic...whats in it?

  2. I used a handful of raspberries, 3 skinny stalks of rhubarb, soy milk & water, added 1 T. butter, salt, sugar, unbleached flour, yeast.

    Check out the recipe link & their blog - the Baker's Banter.

  3. Yum!! I should try it. I'm making pizza right now, gonna try and make it a cheesy crust :)


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