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One Day Sewing Frenzy

July 19, 2010

Saw this great tutorial at The Purl Bee on Friday night and made it the next day:

Toiletry Bag by Tamdoll

Took a break to make some treats for Lion’s Club volunteers working on a project:


Then whipped up a messenger bag that had been requested a few weeks ago – I am not a fan of these fabric choices but the girl who wanted them is thrilled:

Messenger Bag by Tamdoll

Thanks to mmmcrafts for her how-to.

Lining fabric:Messenger Bag by Tamdoll

and cargo-pants pockets for the reverse – I think it would have been cuter if these were more square… but I will work on that for the next time:

Messenger Bag by Tamdoll

I was going to add velcro or snaps to the pocket flap, but since they are so long, decided not to – nothing’s going to fall out of these!

I think there will be many, many more messenger bags in my future.


  1. You are so welcome! I love the result and especially the cargo pockets.

  2. You did that all in one day! *crowns you crafting queen*

  3. I checked out the purl bee tute you used and I realised you made a bag hiding the raw seams with bias tape. Isn't that an awful lot of work? But you know I'm a raw seams snob.:D

  4. hey there - the bag is super cute. I agree with you on the colors but very young and hip regardless...Those cookies look delish!

    thanks for sharing all your creativity - keeps me on my toes.


  5. Thanks guys!
    & Jane, you're right - it was a lot of work, but since I never made one of those before, I followed all the directions step-by-step. Even still, it was done under 2 hours (incl. taking time for breakfast, etc.) Next time I make one, I'll probably just use an oil-cloth fabric & some pinking shears on the inside to finish it off.

  6. I love how you still had time--and the energy--to make those cookies! I'm tired just reading this post. I'm impressed!

  7. Wow, thanks for the tutorial link!
    Love the bags!


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