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An Ideal Vacation

July 16, 2010

In my backyardTrees in my yard right now; eerie yellow light caused by a storm during twilight.


EtsyBloggers Question: “1) It's summertime, a time to get away from it all. Do you have a dream vacation? Share details of your perfect getaway. 2) Expanding on the vacation theme, are there any special (or not-so-special) traditions that you and your family do while away on trips? ”

Carnival of answers to be hosted by Athena at her blog next week.

A dream vacation for me would be going somewhere and getting to really relax.  Like going to an all-inclusive resort and not having to carry a wallet.  Or being on a cruise ship where driving to sightsee is not an option.  Just resting, reading, knitting, swimming, walking, etc. etc.  Not worrying about finding a restaurant with menu items to suit everyone’s tastes.  Forget even about dress clothes, just casual and comfy.

Of course - there are parts of the world that I’d like to visit and tour, experience different cultures, and see historical sights and view really ancient architecture.  But right now, at this moment my dream vacation would be to lie back and relax.  Which leads to question #2.  Let’s just say car trips to-date with my now-teen children have been filled with much unpleasantness.   Can you call “stopping to clean up puke” a tradition?  If it happened 10 out of 10 times in the years before age 10, the answer is “Yes!”  Things have shifted in recent years.. less stops for clean-up, but there’s more bickering and whining; frankly, I’d rather stay home than travel to anywhere! 

Sitting on my deck, surrounded by trees has been really nice.  Maybe I will think of it as my little getaway when I step outside tomorrow.


  1. I love the tress in your yard! Gorgeous and soo peaceful! I am one of those that love to have a really relaxing vacation ~ do nothing all day but just relax and enjoy my day! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  2. Lol. We had the puke tradition too. Thought often it was because younger siblings tried to see how many donuts they could stuff in their mouths or something to that effect.
    BTW the batting has arrived! Woot! Thanks for spoiling me :)

  3. Sometimes sitting on the deck relaxing is the perfect "getaway" :)

  4. I, too, have a deck with trees, actually woods behind us. It IS like a vacation. If only I could just sit out there and relax more often.
    Your eerie tree photo is quite interesting.
    Let's just say that cleaning up puke is NOT a desirable tradition. whining teenagers, not so good either. Here's wishing you some new traditions!


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