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Déjà vu – or - Blueberries & a Dry Spell

July 31, 2010

Looking back, seems my summers are more predictable than I thought.  Almost the same time last year, I took my girls blueberry picking and took pictures in the same spot in the woods.  Things aren’t quite the same though; last year was a very wet season and the berries were much more abundant.   

Tamdoll berries

The stream near my house has dried out, and there’s no humidity.  I’m glad I have these older pictures to look back on for comparison  (picture below was taken only two feet from the picture in the link.) 

Tamdoll dry streambed

Some things stay the same.  Our treks into the woods.  Our trips to the berry farm.  Some things are just different; I probably won’t be making jam or yelling at anyone about getting mud in the house. 

I wonder if I’d have even noticed these details if I hadn’t blogged about them - the routines I have for doing things in the summertime.  Do you have vacation routines?  Notice things that you wouldn’t have without blogging?  Or think I overused the semi-colon?  Yeah, I like hearing from you in the comments, can you tell? – I love to read your words and click over to your blog to see what you’re up to (I definitely need to catch up on some of those this weekend!)


  1. I like to go thru' my ole posts to see how my photography skills has improved. Also how my "eye" has changed.

  2. Oh how I've wanted to go blueberry picking this year! I need to plant some in my garden as well.
    We've had rain, but so much heat, everything dries up quickly.
    Writing a blog has made me dig deeper at times, to find a subject to expound on, to visually notice details.

  3. It is those little routines that mark the seasons that give our lives continuity and they are especially important for children.

    The seasons and years fly by so quickly. We savor every berry pick and eating every berry!

  4. I just notice the simple beauty in every day things since i started blogging. But haven't been doing it long enough to notice seasonal patterns... yet. xo m.


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