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Crocheting on the Deck

July 6, 2010

Relaxing during a few afternoons and getting some projects completed:

Tamdoll crochet cake

Tamdoll crochet necklace

Tamdoll mushroom


I was an EtsyBloggers Mini Monday feature!! Check it out.

See my fireworks bouquet here:

fireworks bouquet

Summer is full-on in the North East U.S. – temps in the 90’s before noon!  Staying cool here by watering the garden early in the morning and staying still when I’m outside, crocheting a lot.  I’m so glad I learned this new craft! What have you been up to?


  1. These are great! I can figure out how to sew things like a piece of cake but to crochet them is something I just cannot do. I like the necklace.

  2. cute crochet items! The slice of cake looks extra good to me!

  3. Thanks guys. The cake is perfect - Zero Calories!!

  4. Dearest sweet tammy, i just love your crochet items!! All of them are sooo lovely and cute! You are truely a talented friend! Have a lovely merry day and love to you!

  5. If you can crochet a cake you can crochet ANYTHING. You're so darn clever.

  6. Tam - I love them all - You are so creative!! I cannot believe you crocheted a cake (well actually I can believe it) !!

  7. Sounds relaxing :) Love the necklace!

  8. great projects, Tammy! Congratulations on the feature!

  9. Wow! great designs! You had me with the chocolate cake!!


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