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Artful Thursday – I’ll Be Back!

July 15, 2010

I’ve missed a few Thursdays – summertime is hectic for me!  I haven’t had time to focus on these weekly projects, but have been thinking about them.  I was hoping for some rainy days to keep me inside and crafting, but the weather just won’t cooperate. 

I even miss blogging.  This is a safe space for me.  Makes me happy to have a place to talk about, post pictures and share the crafts that I do.   Sometimes I’m busy with family things, sometimes I’m too miserable to create or write.  (Those I won’t write about here.  Maybe one day I’ll create some “darker” art for those times.)  I’ll be back.  Tomorrow, in fact.  There’s an EtsyBloggers blog carnival question coming up and I will tackle it!

Lots of you who comment here have blogs, I love to read your posts and see the things that you create.  I think I stay focused here on crafting (although that can seem pretty scatterbrained at times).  Is your website a special place for you & how do you approach writing posts for it?

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  1. I reserve my blog posts for my bag making. It's a way for current Jane to remind future Jane of what I did! I try not to rant as it can be really off-putting but I don't plan. I just write what I think.


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