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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

June 15, 2010

Yikes!  Time has flown, and it’s almost embarrassing how much I’ve neglected this poor blog!  Thanks to Teena In Toronto I was reminded (a few days ago) of my four-year blog anniversary!  I can’t believe I’ve been here for so long. Inconsistent at times, but still here!  Next year, I’ll have to remember and celebrate more properly!

Because I love to take pictures, and saw this cool shot of a spider web the other morning, I wanted to add it here –

Tamdoll's cobwebs

- kind of symbolic, too --- I could say that cobwebs are gathering dust in the corners of my blog, but instead I will imagine that they are collecting sparkly dew and inspiration instead!

Tamdoll's stars

I thought it was funny when Tina left me a comment at an Artful Thursday post – about “… not having mastered zippers…” … as if I have!  Ha!  I just keep trying.  And trying.  Many of my projects end up extra creative because I try so many different crafts but don’t master any of them, and often a unique embellishment shows up just to cover my mistakes!  Like Jane, at that same post, commented about the lack of pleats.  Jane is a prolific and talented handbag maker, so when she comments about one of mine, I listen! The pattern I used was a beautiful one, but not only did I not have enough fabric to pleat it up, it was too heavy for me to feel comfortable doing so, even if I had more yardage.  That all led to a bag slightly different than the pattern & I was happy with it.

Tamdoll's stars

Some things that are keeping me busy… Crochet Today’s, May/June 2010 pattern for Lace & Pearls Necklace – done for my oldest girl in red, as requested.  Thinking about the white beads, but haven’t attached them yet… I’m not sure I like the white:

Tamdoll Crochet Today Lace & Pearls Necklace in Red

Mixing pounds and pounds of purple and white Sixlets candies to create favor bags for a party:

Tamdoll's Candy Swirl

Tamdoll's stars

I’m looking forward to a busy summer with my girls & will be blogging more regularly.  What are you up to, my blog-reading friends?


  1. I have never seen a spider web so beautiful. The lace thing you're making for your girl makes me drool. I love making lace stuff but I'm still a beginner at crochet.

  2. happy 4th birthday! love that purple candy shot- so cool! xo m.

  3. Awesome spider web photo!
    Congrats on the blogiversary :)
    Love the necklace too...will look great with the pearls!

  4. The lace and pearl necklace is so pretty!
    I just picked some fresh herbs from my herb garden, inspired by one of your earlier posts!!

  5. Happy 4th Blogiversary! Here's to another year of sharing on your wonderful blog.

  6. That is a very cool spider web photo! Congratulations on 4 years!


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