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Tamdoll Sightings – Pretty Cool!

June 23, 2010

When I first started posting images on Flickr in 2006, one of the reasons was to show-off images of a birdhouse fundraiser I was taking part in. Years later, people still stop by and comment on them, and it’s pretty exciting! Recently, I was asked if one of my images could be used in a new website for Fairfield's Poly-fil, so I said “Yes!” I’ve always used their fiberfill for my doll stuffing, and quilt battings for flat projects. Check out these pictures, and click to go to the site:

fairfield bio page

I’m pretty excited about this, these pages are adorable!!!

fairfield pattern page

The birdhouse was inspired by Julie McCullough’s pattern – a fantastic artist!

In appreciation, Fairfield sent me a box of Fusi-Boo™: “the industry’s first fusible batting made from a special blend of fibers including natural cotton and rayon fiber from bamboo. This batting integrates the softness and smooth drape of bamboo with a water-soluble, heat-activated fusible resin. The result is a luxurious batting that simplifies the quilting process by eliminating the need for basting.” I have a 36x45” package that I’d like to give away to one of my readers.

What do you have to do for a chance for this? If you’ve commented here during the month of June 2010, up until this post, then you’ve already been entered. If not, be sure to comment here on this post, and mention what you’d do with this new fusible batting. Next Wednesday (June 30, 2010) I’ll randomly pick a winner and announce it here on my blog.

Thanks all for being a fan here and keeping me motivated to keep posting my crafting updates!


  1. Wow, a giveaway. Of course I must enter. I have so much problem getting good fusible in S'pore. Each batch is always different and I've thrown away good fabric when I get a bad batch. What will I do? You know I'll make a quilted bag. What else?? Fingers crossed. This giveaway is International, right?

  2. Definitely International!

  3. A giveaway? Yea! Fusible would be used as a facing for the bib tops of aprons that I will be making for the Christmas season! They need a little more strength to lay flat across the chest. Also, some for some small clutch bags that I need to make for a boutique! Hope I win!!!! :)

  4. I like fusible batting for my crazy quilting - it adds stability for the stitches. This sounds like a very interesting blend of fibres!

  5. how cool is that, to have a commercial company asking for permission to use something YOU made! I don't use batting, so if I'm picked, try again! {:-D

  6. How exciting that your birdhouse is featured!
    not using batting right now, so like Deb said, please choose someone who will use and appreciate it.

  7. Wow this is exciting! I have some birdhouses that I have crocheted! They are on my blog.
    I would use the batting for a quilt! I want to try the "cluck cluck sew raw edge quilt" you can google it and take a look!


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