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June Featured EtsyBlogger – Beaded Tail

June 29, 2010

Beaded Tail

Sharla, of Beaded Tail, talks about how she started her business & lists the organizations she supports here.  An excerpt for you:

“In 2007, news reports regarding animal hardships put my mom Sheri and me into action to design and create beaded jewelry and give a portion of the sales proceeds to animal awareness causes. We opened our Etsy shop in December 2007 and today, I am still beading while my mom has traded beading for making cute collar covers which are also in my shop. Each of our designs are one of a kind and most of them contain an animal theme from paw toggles to cat face beads or animal awareness ribbon charms or butterflies.”

I love it when a seller has a strong passion for what they do.

Beaded Tail

One of my favorites from her shop:

Beaded Tail Reminds me of that clock I had when I was a little kid!  (Yeah, the one in the 70’s with the eyes and tail swinging back and forth…)

Here blog & shop are both really charming, you should check them out!  And here’s an interview with her at the EtsyBloggers page.

In Tamdoll news… One more day before I pick a giveaway winner – read here for details.


  1. Thank you for the feature! I appreciate your kind words!

  2. You are right about the kitty looking like the clock! great feature on Sharla!


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