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Tool Tuesday - Small Parts Storage

May 11, 2010
Just this week I was looking at storage for beads and wondering if I should reorganize all my stuff into something that I can see better (& then use them when they’re not out-of-sight!)  Wouldn’t you know it, Stuart comes along with a post about storage…. I’m loving the 44 Drawer Cabinet- Red & Grey!  That would definitely perk up my workspace.  The “watchmaker’s cases” he links to are adorable and look great for taking projects on-the-go, too.  Yeah, I definitely am drawn to the aesthetics of these things as much to their practicality.

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Tamdoll's red tool 

Small Parts Storage
More often than not, the more organized you are, the more efficient your work will be. Crafters often have a wide range of small parts that would rain chaos on their productivity if not organized properly - beads, buttons, clasps, needles, and so forth. Following are a few of my favorite storage solutions. How do you store small parts?
Compartmentalized plastic containers (affiliate link): These are by far the most popular organizers used by crafters. They offer fixed or adjustable compartment sizes, and can be used to group like-tools and materials together.
Stanley Removable Compartment Organizer (affiliate link): This is by far my favorite organizer, but it does not work as well for very small parts. The advantage of this type of storage is that the compartments can be reconfigured between organizers, and can be removed and brought to the crafting table. Stanley Organizer with Removable Compartments
Plastic Drawers Organizer (affiliate link): This type of organizer can be wall-mounted or can be stacked on a table or shelf. 44 Drawer Cabinet (affiliate link).
Jars & Containers: Small containers, such as "watchmaker's cases", vials, and small spice jars, are better suited for storing very small or delicate parts.

How do you store your stuff?  Do you need to get better organized?

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