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Mother’s Day – Sheep & Wool Festival

May 9, 2010
Every Mother’s day weekend there is the Sheep & Wool Festival & for the last few years I wasn’t able to go for one reason or another – this year, I was determined not to miss it.  We all ventured in 40degree F winds, bundled up and were able to see the exhibits.
I thought these two Abenaqui Alpacas from Sanford, Maine were adorable.  They are the ones on the left. 
abenaqui alpaca not alpaca
You can see the ones on the right do not have a natural coat to keep them warm and they were freezing, but trying to be cheerful so I would have a nice Mother’s Day.  It’s a good thing these fairs have food, too- hot apple cobbler and fresh kettle corn were needed to keep the beasts tame.
I liked the way these Dorset’s looked, I didn’t know why:DorsetI picked up the brochure near the pen and read “The Dorset ewe has a great appetite… .. Dorset ewes have a sweet feminine character and are among the best mothers found among sheep breeds, far excelling most other breeds in maternal instinct and ability to care for their young.  Their lambs grow with astonishing rapidity.”    That must be it, I could sense a kindred feeling and their motherliness on Mother’s Day.  (Although if my kids see their picture above, and read this, they may think otherwise!)

This Oxford had a kind of punk look with that little tuft on the top of the head:Oxford 
Angora Goat wouldn’t stay still for me, but looked mighty soft despite the fierceness of the horns:Angora

I didn’t buy any yarn during the day – having amazing willpower.  I just didn’t see anything that really thrilled me.  The one olive colored, hand-dyed Wool/Silk blend that I saw was really delicious looking, but I have so much yarn at home and no project in mind. 
One thing that I’d never seen was silk cocoons being boiled and spun into yarn.  The many strands you see in this picture are being woven into one strand of silk:silk cocoons
Now I’m off to read the Mother’s Day blog roundup over at Made By Melissa.  I hope you had an enjoyable Sunday & are starting the week off right!


  1. I loved this little post. The pics were fun and I enjoyed learning something new! :)

    Hope your week started off well.


  2. Such a wonderful day! I adore the sheeps! Thanks so much for sharing and so happy you had a good mother's day weekend! Love to you!

  3. I love "activities" for mom's day vs. gifts. My day was spent at the zoo. Love.


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