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Monday Mashup – Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Flower Pics

May 3, 2010
To say that I’m working on many projects would be an understatement.  Here are pictures of: my latest freeform crochet-along on Ravelry; a top I finished knitting and am blocking now; and another flowering plant I discovered blooming in my garden.  I’m also working on some crochet bracelets to sell, and a necklace for an upcoming birthday present.
Tamdoll on Ravelry
I made these Quilted Organizers, thanks to jcasa’s great pattern – and now that I have all this fabric taken out of storage and strewn all over my workspace, I’m planning to make a bunch of handbags and maybe some more of these little books:
Quilted Organizers
These are for sale locally, at Apotheca.  The only thing I have to organize now is enough time to be home to work on all these (and early enough in the day to be alert!)
Tamdoll's Workspace
Thanks for all your comments on my posts, I really appreciate your visits and the time you take to leave me your feedback!  In the midst of hectic household stuff, kid’s softball games and the general mayhem of life, I’m looking to my crafting projects to keep me a little calm.  I carry yarn and needles everywhere I go… maybe I will even figure out a good way to carry some hand-sewing with me, too.  While waiting at school pick-up lines, or on the bleachers during a ball game, if I can focus and get some things created, that will make me very happy this week.

Do you take things with you on the go?  What are you going to work on this week?


  1. love, love LOVE your quilted organizers! I need one of those desperately! The colour of your top is gorgeous too. xo m.

  2. Beautiful organizers. Very shabby chic, and a sure bestseller at Apotheca!
    I've been buried under a lot a writing, which makes me made because I don't have as much time to craft as I'd like. But it helps to look at your blog and see what you're up to. Inspiration. Motivation!

  3. The quilted organizer are beautiful! It looks like you've been very busy. I've been knitting little hats while I'm on the go. The yarn needed takes up hardly any room.

  4. Thanks guys! Some of these were to become fabric bracelet cuffs, but when I didn't finish those up, I had little quilted bits lying around that were perfect to incorporate into this project.

  5. Answering one of your questions: I'm working feverishly on some pretty dishcloths for my mom and mother-in-law for mother's day! I always think of these things last minute so I kill my hands trying to knit things up quickly.. luckily these dishcloths are super easy and pretty quick! Have a great week :)


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