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Artful Thursday – Sewing a Little Purse

May 13, 2010
I hadn’t intended on this being so little, but … having what I had on hand, this is what I came up with….
Tamdoll's Little Purse
I thought this Amy Butler “Dew Drops” fabric was fantastic and I had just a 1/4 yard of it.  I used the tutorial over at Prudent Baby for her Pretty Pleated Purse… but I left out the pleats.  It was a super-fast and easy project.  Here’s how I modified it to omit the pleats:
I centered the interfacing along the top and bottom halves of my outside fabric instead of onto two sewn pieces of fabric (see her tutorial pictures, you’ll see what I mean.)  I cranked up the contrast on this photo so you could see the interfacing:
This turned out to be a “little” purse when I realized I had a 7” zipper instead of a 10” one called for… so out came the scissors to trim the fabric down to size:
too little       just right 
Other than that, it was a breeze – even putting the zipper in  - all her pictures and instructions were fantastic!
Happy Artful Thursday.

I said at the start of Artful Thursdays that I’d only make things for myself these days…. but this one is a gift for a teen.  I have plans to make a bunch more for myself and my girls, but this is the one that I created first, and I’m glad that I started out small. 

Do you ever want to keep the things you make for other people? 


  1. Cute purse! I want to learn to sew! And crochet, and exercise more, and drink more water, and ...

  2. I almost cried when I read the bit about you making a pleated bag but left out the pleats! Then I went to check out the tute and I thought it looked better without the pleats. Good call. (or was it just lack of fabric? :D)

  3. hey there girl---love this. I haven't mastered the zipper yet...but am enrolled in a sewing class and am learning so much...


  4. Ah, something for "Kenmore" and I to try out! Little purses are much appreciated in this house. My daughter will have you to thank for her next little purse!

  5. nice project- i love the fabric.
    I am shipping my artful thursday gift to you tomorrow. Sorry it has taken me so long :(

  6. This is such a gorgeous little purse. I also love that wonderful fabric. :) Thank you so much for such a wonderful easy to follow tutorial! Have a lovely merry happy week ahead! Love to you!

  7. I do find that I fall in love with pieces as I am making them-and then by the end I am ready to say "bye bye"-very much PREFER the newness of starting the project.

  8. your purse turned out fantastic,no wonder you thought about keeping in for a few days...
    the colors are wonderful and summery. sometimes the gifts i make are my best things. i think it is because i am thinking so hard about what someone else would like.
    best wishes, julie


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