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It’s a beginning

April 12, 2010
Monday - the beginning of the week, and here are the beginnings of some projects. Haven’t been going too well or I would have been more chatty about them…
the dress
Working on the tank+dress reconstruction from last week. I’ve since detached the skirt from the top and need to re-sew it on, stretching the top as I go and adding ties at the waist. It was terrible trying to get this on my girl, there is no stretch in the skirt and I forgot about that little detail. Will take tips if you have them about sewing knits to woven fabrics. I can see the potential in this and it shouldn’t be too hard to complete this week.
the top
This is the top that I thought would be so much fun (and quick) to knit for myself. In case you were wondering, it’s that big red thing that I’m holding out. I’ve cast this on so many times, decided to knit it in the round, swatched, tried and tried again, and today I’m starting a version in crochet. This is the most bizarre thing – ever. I guess some yarns are just NOT made for certain patterns. One more time, that’s it. Going to crochet some tonight.
I’ve been working outside of my home for a few days and just being lazy while things pile up. Still waiting for that mojo that I was hoping for since my last post.


  1. i was wondering how that merge would all come together...i really love it! it looks like something to live infor the whole summer.

  2. Dearest tammy, i love how your tank + dress reconstruction is coming along...it's looking so wonderful! You are so talented and i always love reading all about your projects! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. Hey there - love this idea - I so want to make a tank top like this -I am proud to say that I have recently enrolled in a sewing class and am just about done making my first pair of PJ bottoms...next week - a robe - I am thinking KIMONO...

    your blog feeds my inspiration thanks for all the great ideas.


  4. Thanks all! As soon as I get this done, I will post new pictures here.

    Tina, pretty excited to see how your sewing comes out, too - a kimono sounds fun.


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