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Artful Thursday – Making it Personal

April 15, 2010
Crafters have no problem cutting up thrifted clothing, or re-fashioning something old to make it new again, but do you ever tweak something that’s brand new?
I got this bag while on my recent visit to San Francisco:
before (Yeah, I’m the mean mom that wants my teens to be appreciative of all they have…)
Today I didn’t have lots of time to get crafty, so I packed my embroidery floss, a roll of beeswax (I think it keeps the thread from knotting up and makes it slide easily) and a needle.  I had 30 minutes to myself & this is what I did:
Now they’ll know I mean business.  (Maybe I need to cross out the “Institution”, too?)
Happy Artful Thursday.


Do you ever modify something new?


  1. My husband has asked me to hide logos on his new Tees. I usually use applique - something man-man for sure! Once I did cut-work on an expensive Tee. My hands shook when I was making the first cut.

  2. Love it :)
    Sometimes I buy new things just so I can alter them :) It gives it that unique, personal touch :)

  3. Heh. You were in San Francisco? That's my neck of the woods! We probably crossed in mid air!


  4. I totally love what you did to this!! And I think you should keep the Institution, ya know, cause you just never know :0)

    Well, I'm finally moved. Kinda. At least I am attempting to have a project for this week...once I figure out what it is!! LOL!!


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