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March 8, 2010
What was I thinking those years ago when I started this?
defeatinig the neverending quilt

At least it still looks ok after being mashed in a paper bag for a long time.  I just have to find the bits that are missing from the three corners.

If I finish this, I can go fabric shopping.  That’s the incentive to get this done.  And to cover my living room wall already.

Today I’m going to see if I can stick this entire thing under my walking foot – and forget about hand-stitching.  The time for patience is gone.

And here is where I go off the deep end….
Do you ever craft when you’re in a bad mood?  I usually don’t.  I can’t do anything when I’m “down”.  I heard something on the radio yesterday, a Dr. talking about how depression in creative people is what gets them thinking creatively – thinking of ways to escape their discomfort through art – to create a new reality for themselves (of course this isn’t an exact quote, but what I took away from it.)  

Well, I’m in a bad mood right now, not feeling well – and thanks to a post at thompsonfamily.typepad.com (link broken) and her comment about being honest, I’m exposing myself a little here.  I’ve seen too many friends with “perfect lives” – only to discover years later that it’s just been a facade – and no need to pretend here on my blog that I live in a perfect happy world, either.  For the most part, I avoid discussing much personal stuff because it’s the crafting that really keeps me happy – I can focus on it and really feel good.

I don’t want to put folks off with words like “depression” or getting emotional and grumpy – but it’s a big part of my reality.  My blog, and creating, are a bright spot for me and I love sharing it online and meeting like-minded folks to be inspired by.

I really think I need to conquer this quilt – like it’s been cluttering my mind and the corner of my workspace for too long…


  1. I don't care who you are, sometimes you get depressed. I consider myself a happy person for the most part but even I get down at times.

    I agree that crafts do help us when we do get to feeling down also. I feel sorry for people who don't have crafts as an outlet. I'm not sure what I would do without them.

  2. I call craft "self medicating" and I know I am really really blue if I just cant get crafty which is when I need to self medicate more than ever.

  3. I am glad you decided to talk about this. Crafting is my form of therapy and is what makes me happy. I really want to be able to sell what I make though and since that is not happening it has depressed me. Catch 22. Your quilt is wonderful. I have one that I have been hand quilting for over 10 yrs now.I think it is about time to machine finish it too.

  4. Thanks for your comments! Knowing there are crafty supportive people out in the world makes me smile.

  5. This quilt is gorgeous. I'm amazed! You must finish it. Btw, when I'm in a bad mood, I avoid sewing my bags becos I hate to taint my "good feeling stuff" with bad vibes. What I do is I go thru' my craft books and dream of more stuff to make. Always perks me up. I started sewing to have something to focus on so I won't think too much about my dreary life and it worked! My psycologist says that keeping the ME alive in my daily life is so impt to maintain a healthy life. It's hard work keeping the ME alive! But I've felt so much happier. I make bags. Bags make me. :)

  6. Hey there - I totally feel you. I get that way too - alot. But I too have come to realize that if I don't get to create daily - it makes things worse or more vivid...So I do my best to make something everyday and it makes me smile and the issues seem not SO big.

    Don't ever feel like you are alone out there. We all feel the same crappy things at some point or another and if someone says they never do - they are lying. true!

    sending you big hugs
    embellishments by tina

  7. I personally can't wait until you "conquer" this quilt. It's simply exquisite. It could grace the cover of a children's book.

    People have ups and downs--it's a fact of life. Crafters and artists are lucky to have an outlet for their emotions, whether happy or sad.

    So get happy, girl!

  8. Thank you all again! I am making this project a personal battle - one way or another, it's going to be hanging on my wall soon!!!

  9. Thanks for such an honest post! It's hard to know how much to share, but even the most cheerful people have blue days. I kinda think we actually need them here and there, for balance. I cannot wait to see your finished quilt hanging on your wall. It's a beauty!

  10. I’ve heard that artists work really hard during their good periods to make up for time lost during their bouts of depression. I know that Vincent van Gogh made a painting or two every day he was well before he committed suicide. However, there are some people that can use art to pull themselves out of the low-periods or it’s a way for them to express their negative emotions in a healthy way.

  11. Fanboy Wife - You have me thinking now, maybe I should just let it go and accept that I can't create every day. I beat myself up sometimes when I get nothing done on a "down" day.

  12. great post! rings true for me on several levels.
    It's hard for me to feel inspired for something new while down. If someone took my hand and said, "Here, we're going to do this now." That would no doubt work. (I'm not advocating them doing the project for me...just lead me to the craft table.)
    Do NOT beat yourself up! I bet you most people are not creating EVERY day!
    love the wall hanging. hope you finish it and show us!


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