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Keeping Warm

March 3, 2010
 Sunday at Tamdoll's
When it’s cold outside, you want something warm on, inside:
I made shoes!
I think this is the coolest project!! I made shoes!  The first attempt didn’t go so well.  Instead, I changed to this moccasin style (sans fringes) and they were easy to do.  Pattern here on Ravelry.  I still have some of this yarn left, I think I’m going to try to squeeze another pair of slippers out of it.
Altered photo:
I’m trying to learn how to use all the tools in my Paint Shop Pro software – having fun with it, but it is time-consuming!  Very grateful for the Vladstudio Tutorials – I just sometimes need to figure out how to adjust Photoshop instructions to PSP’s.


  1. I love those slippers!! I think I just might have to try to make some--thx for the idea. And thanks, also, for stopping by my blog. I'm excited to check out more of yours!

  2. WOW congratz on making such a gorgeous comfy slippers! You are really soo talented. It looks soo soo cold outside...please keep really warm dear friend! I am inspire by you to try to make my own slippers too! Perhaps it will be a little future project...would be so nice to make a house slipper for my fiance. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  3. we have had snow too, 4 inches last night and still falling. those pretty slippers would make even the stormiest day feel wonderful!
    thanks for the link to the pattern, julie

  4. Thanks all! Here's another Ravelry link to where I mentioned some modifications to the pattern:


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