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Gardening & Seed Starting 2010

March 26, 2010
This week’s EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival is going to be hosted by Tricia of LazyTCrochet.   It’s always fun to post about the given subject and then to read everyone’s replies the following week – you learn a lot about everyone this way, and sometimes the theme isn’t necessarily what we’d be discussing on our blogs (check Tricia’s blog around Monday to see the list of posts).
Two questions posed this week – 1) something about Cabin Fever…. I don’t get it, so not answering that one – I love to be stuck inside…. &
2) Planning a garden this year? Tell us how you plan or prepare. Do you start your own seeds and how?
Ever since I moved to NH, and finally have a yard to grow things in, I’ve enjoyed gardening.  When I first got here, I read every issue of Organic Gardening that the library had, researched shade plants for my front yard and started saving seeds from the tastiest fruits and vegetables that we ate.  It was very exciting at the time and I’ve learned a lot by trial and error, too. (It’s been 15 years!)
I just don’t know what I’m going to do about it this spring.  I’m really, really busy, and I expect the end of May/beginning of June is going to be even more hectic this year due to lots of projects and events coming up.  Usually I save seeds from year to year and start them indoors for my vegetable garden.  Half my kitchen and a few folding tables get taken over by this.  In the past I’ve also started lots of ornamental perennials from seed – much more affordable than trying to fill large open spaces by purchasing full-grown plants.
When it comes to saving seeds from existing plants, one of the most important things for me has been to make sure they’re completely dry before storing.  Any dampness, and next spring you end up opening a jar of mold!  Jars – prescription bottles, vitamin jars, film canisters (pre-digital days, sigh) – save those throughout the year for great re-usable, recyclable storage.  Just remember to affix labels, or write on with permanent markers so you know what is going into the ground!
tomatoes 2009
I’ve also learned to buy seed-starting mix for starting seeds – the fine soil makes it easy for roots to establish.  It’s so, so exciting to see the first buds popping out!
on the corner

Another thing that has come up over the last few summers is that we haven’t been around when it’s harvest time.  How frustrating to be gone just when cucumbers and tomato plants are ripening in August!  Especially when I’ve been nurturing them in my kitchen since February or March.  My neighbors are happy, but I’ve missed out.  It’s a very short growing season here and I think 2010 is going to be different for me.  Most likely I’ll put in lettuce and beans very early (late May) sowing them directly outdoors as long as the weather is mild.  Depending on summer travel plans, I may not do much else – maybe buy a few cucumber & cherry tomato plants from the local farm stand to put in.  I’ve never bought a tomato plant before – only grown my own.  I’ve been thinking about a cold frame – but not sure I’d be as vigilant as necessary to let out the hot air that would build up in our sunny spot.

I do love to grow things, it’s almost magical.  What about you?


  1. So this is what real gardeners do. It takes a lot of work and know-how. As for me, it's magic beans I need.

  2. This post is so inspiring!! And beyond my abilities, I must admit. :-) My goal is to have an herb garden this year!! Will keep you posted. (Do they sell a big container of herbs that I can just water occassionally?? Is that a good start??)

  3. What a very pretty tree you have. Sadly I can't have a garden, so I'll just have to live vicariously through you.

  4. My husband has become the gardener in the family. (Which is funny because my dad was the gardener in the family when I was a kid; did I marry my dad??) We have only been in the suburbs for 5 years, and he's still in the "trial n error" phase. Herb garden is in phase one! Let's hope there's no "error" this year.
    That tree is beautiful. And I do hope that you get to harvest some of your hard work!

  5. a cold frame would be cool!
    I have started my own seeds in the past-veggies, flowers, perennials. I buy tomato and pepper plants now; grow herbs and lettuce from seed. I grow the lettuce in pots on my deck, seeding thickly, and then harvesting the outer leaves. Lettuce can grow in pretty cool weather. I bought some pea seeds but haven't planted them yet.

  6. The more inspiration I get & blogs where I see things growing, I want to start something myself. I will just have to squeeze it in somehow.

    Thanks for all your comments & feedback!


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