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Artful Thursday – Ideas Come Alive

March 4, 2010
tiny purse 
 I had an idea to make an apron for a friend.  A 50’s, retro-inspired, domestic-diva-type creation.  Then I said to myself…. “she won’t wear it…” … so I thought, I’ll make it into a handbag.
ideas (Original handbag idea is on the blue scrap of paper – I keep lots of recycled paper around for these things.)

Then I thought…. “who’s going to carry around a bag like that?”…. so decided to make a little clutch-purse.  Great idea!   You can see some of my drawings and then I cut one out of paper to use as a template.

Next step – dig out the inspiration fabric – you can see here, I found a sleeve – from some vintage fabric I had -
fabric  (Oh no! Don’t use the vintage fabric on a prototype! … Too late…)

Cut out the pattern pieces out of stiff interfacing so the shape would hold up and ironed it onto the wrong side of the fabric:iron-on interfacing

Cut out about 1/4” around the pieces and pinned it to lining fabric (remnants from curtain lining) to use as a cutting template:
cut out and cut out lining

Next few steps, I forgot to take pictures ….  I made a little embellishment for the front of the pouch and sewed that on.  Then I basted black piping to one side of the outer fabric before sewing front and back together.  I also sewed the lining fabric together and realized that the 4” zipper I had for this wasn’t going to fit.  So, I added snaps to the lining then slipped it inside the pouch.  snaps inside 
Once that was done, I used some bias binding to cover up the raw edges at the top and create a carry-strap.  Done!

As you can see, it needs a little work – stitching on the embellishment on the front went a little wonky and I’d like to make another bag with a wider top to insert a zipper. 
I think this method – of  a stiff interfacing - would lend itself to making little purses with definite shapes.  I’m thinking of a cupcake, a house and another apron.  I have a bunch of white and tan 4” zippers, so that’s what I’m going to work with – searching in my fabric stash for some coordinating fabrics.

What shape would you make?

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  1. I think that is such a cute idea. I love the idea of the cupcake. If you make one, make sure you show us a pic. I love all your sketches too. A true artist at work. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hey girl, I love the way this came to be. Love seeing your steps and drawings and all the good stuff. You are so talented. I am not much of a sewer ---- seam binding and zippers...not my specialty.

    Anyway - I would love a purse like this.


  3. I like the food-item theme. Perhaps I'd make a bag that looks like a slice of pizza if I wasn't so lazy.

  4. I think this turned about really cute! I'm sure your friend will be delighted to receive it.

  5. Thanks guys!
    I think the pizza idea is great, too.

    I have to work on my skills for sewing a zipper on with my machine - I do want to keep working on this project to get the zipper to fit, but I might do the zipper by hand - and not risk messing it up too much.

  6. That's cute.

    A great idea for sure!

    Hello Fellow EtsyBlogger!
    I am now following your blog,
    If you'd like to follow me back

  7. Many years ago before I started making bags, I bought a le coq sportif bag which looks like a tennis skirt. So an apron pouch is not totally out of my universe. And do people ever wear aprons?


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