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Artful Thursday – Family Portrait 2010

March 19, 2010
Thanks everyone for your well-wishes and comments this last month.  Getting a cold threw me for a loop and I’ve fallen behind on many things.
As of Thursday night, this is what I came up with -
Tamdoll's Family Portrait 2010

What: The Tamdoll Family Portrait 2010
I know… not finished yet… work, kids, housecleaning… you know all the excuses… BUT!  I have a ton of ideas scribbled onto a piece of paper and hopefully it will be completed tonight (that isn’t in the Artful Thursday rules, but I’m not waiting a week to finish it!)  

How: I had this frame in my basement and the scrapbooking paper was in my stash.  When it didn’t go to the edge of the frame, I cut out the border of another piece of decorative paper to fill in the space.  As for the sheet music – it’s “Home on the Range”, and I cut it out in the shape of our state of NH.  

The floating heads were giving me the creeps and I thought about doing a collage like Teesha Moore, even circus themed (since sometimes I feel like we’re all juggling so much and existing in a side-show).  Then I was inspired by the Thompson Family Life (link at thompsonfamily.typepad.com/ was broken last time I checked), and all her creative layouts, and I remembered having purchased these leather frames a long time ago.  I thought they were a great fit.

I’m not going to add too many embellishments, so it’s just a matter of assembly with the few more bits I have & will update the picture here soon!

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  1. You're welcome! I so enjoyed hanging out at your blog yesterday! You are so creative and inspiring! love your family portraits. Maybe I will do something similar.....

  2. Even with all the craziness, it's still good that you take a few moments out to create. It's an important thing to do for yourself, and your family!!
    I still see lots of directions you can go with the family portrait. And loved the stuff from Teesha, wow, what a use of color!!

    Have a great weekend


  3. life gets so busy but it's a fun ride, family make's it worth it all. Family portraits are a great idea!

  4. I feel your pain - life has been so hectic lately...seems not enough time in A day to get the things I wanted to do done...

    Love this frame - great start can't wait to see your finished piece.


  5. I like the sheet music, very creative!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the end result, I know it's going to be very artful.

  6. LOVE the NH cut out of the music sheet! Your blog is full of inspiring things, big and small.

  7. Finished it!

    It looks nice hanging on my wall, but my kids are already complaining that it's not "artsy" and personal enough... so I told them I'll make another one next year - but in the meantime they should do one themselves if they're not happy!


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