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When Knitting Starts Looking Like Snack Food

February 24, 2010
(Original title of this post: “Wednesday”.  I hope you like the upgrade.)
When knitting starts looking like snack food – maybe it’s time to do it over.  After I took this picture I realized – whether it’s the yarn color or the shape – it looks like a goldfish cracker.
Started these slippers a few days ago and had to tweak the pattern so much because of the doubled yarn I was using.  These may look cute, but they don’t really fit – will be undone and started over.  Something went wrong with the tweaking part.  If you’ve knit or crocheted slippers in the past, I’d love to hear what patterns you like.  fish sculpture or slipper? 

I made some knit slippers for my girls when they were little – but they were ugly – so I’m not crazy about making that pattern again – even though they stayed on.  Looking at new patterns on Ravelry.com right now – would like to get this done by the weekend.  If the new ideas don’t go well, I’ll make the old ugly pattern and add a crocheted ruffled edge or something.

Sewed up another flower from the most recent book I’m loving working from:flower brooch 
Having fun using up my odds and ends of stash yarn with these small projects.  Since I don’t have the labels for most of these yarns, I’m really flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to needle size and content.  I just finished a bracelet that came out HUGE – redoing it in a smaller size needle is coming out much nicer – will have pictures of that comparison in a few days.  The first one will just become a bookmark.  

What do you do with your yarn odds and ends?

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  1. I did the French Press Slipper in December. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/french-press-felted-slippers

    It's a quick knit, but the seaming takes a while. I believe someone on ravelry has posted some no seam mods though.


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