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Artful Thursday – Only One Hour

February 11, 2010
I was so excited to get started this week for Artful Thursday!  But I only got to spend one hour of the day on my planned project.  

My plan was to get hold of all the scrapbook paper I’ve impulsively purchased over the years and make cards.  Make an entire year’s worth of birthday, thank you, and holiday cards.  To use my rubber stamps, all the fancy scissors, glues and embellishments that have multiplied in my stash like bunnies in springtime.  (My friends and I have even talked about his – getting together over an evening to use up our papers and make cards – but we haven’t gotten around to it yet!  It’s been years that we’ve been talking about this!)

I didn’t get very far this week – so – this will be another one of those Artful Thursday projects that perhaps get extended over a few weeks.  I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the intention of the original idea – but in the spirit of it, I’m going to keep going.  Gathering my materials as the week goes on (found a lot as I was searching for a paper-cutter blade!), uncovering treasures stored around my workspace and planning next week’s card-making layouts.

cards in progress
Here I was “fussy cutting” some images from the back of some double-sided scrapbook paper.  These are going to be raised up over the base cards with some foam.  Maybe I’ll add glitter, too.
Over the next week I’m going to have to figure out how I want to make these cards – doing each one individually is going to drive me crazy and take waaay longer than I want it to – I’m going to have to think of some assembly-line process where I can make the base of these cards quickly and then embellish each one in their own unique way.  Any ideas?

Since I started buying rubber stamps over 10 years ago and am drawn to colorful papers – I haven’t purchased a card in ages (well, maybe I did – but it was a handmade one from an Etsy seller!)  But a lot of the time, it’s a last-minute deal and I know I can make nicer things instead of just rushing to get one done.

 Do you make your own cards?


  1. even one hour spent creating something beautiful from simple supplies is so rewarding.

    maybe after you design one card you can take the supplies for cutting out with you and you can cut as you go then assemble at home.

    it is so much more fun doing projects like this with friends, then you can share ideas and supplies.
    happy valentines day this weekend, julie

  2. Hi, Tammy. I think you need some help. You should join the WeAre Scrapbook Club. It's $5 a year, meets the second Saturday of every month, and everyone works on their own projects- scrapbooks, cards, all kinds of stuff. It's one day set aside for being "artful". And there's other cool benefits as well.

  3. hi there - great idea and I think the perfectionist in all of us stumps us sometimes and makes what should be a simple project into a way to long project.

    When I make cards - I always think to myself - would I like to get this from someone and if the answer is absolutely then I know I'v done a good job.

    Thanks for commenting on my artful thursday project this week...

    Have fun and please share when you are done.


  4. I do make my own cards, but I'm like you - I don't do it until the day before I have to mail it/give it away. I'd love to have a neat and pretty stack of them ready to go at a moment's notice.

    Hmmm... I might be joining you in the card making frenzy!

    As for thoughts to speed things up - are you mainly using plain cardstock as a base/inside, then decorating the outside? Because then, what I'd do is cut and fold all the innards (from plain cardstock), then gather up the embellishments I want for the front. Do you want to embellish by color or by holiday or by theme? Maybe separate your embellishments into piles or ziplock bags?

    I think I'm going to finish the next few rows on this hedgehog I'm knitting, then I'm going to go upstairs and look at my paper for cards!


  5. I love making my own cards. It does take a lot of time but I think they are so much appreciated- your papers are gorgeous!


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