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Artful Thursday - Creative Detour

February 18, 2010
zippered pouch
Didn’t get to finish the cards I was planning last Thursday since I was reminded of this project.  I got this adorable kit back in the beginning of August as a birthday present, last blogged about it in the summer and never completed it.  Until now.   All it needed was some assembly – just what I had time for today.detour
The original pattern is called the Sushi Wallet – and you can get a hint of it in the zipper pull.  I replaced the sushi motif pattern with crochet flowers and I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I think I used a pattern for the outer petals – but for the inner parts of the flowers, I just free-formed loops and rings – knowing that felting would hide any mistakes.  A few embroidery stitches in the centers and around the petals hold everything together.

How often do you fiddle with patterns?  As I’ve become a more confident crafter over the years, I’ve definitely done this more and more – I figure, if the worst that can happen is that I have to do it over – what have I got to lose?

Here are some ways to modify a given idea (fabric, yarn, beaded or paper projects- these would work for most anything) to make it more unique and one-of-a-kind:

Make your own Detour:
  • Change the colors (a pastel design made in primary colors goes from pretty and cute to bold and statement making – how about black & white?)
  • Switch out materials (cottons to velvets; fine yarn to chunky, sparkling to organic, hard to soft) – iron-on fusible web or layer fabrics to add stability.
  • Alter motifs (sushi to flowers;  owls to butterflies; frogs to turtles, etc.)
  • Hand-embroidery to Free-motion stitching (country turns modern - see my tote bag)
  • Embroidering?  Instead try: paint, stencils, colored pencils or even computer generated iron-ons.
  • Embellish – buttons, beads, charms, sequins, ribbon, paint, found objects, clay, fibers, words, paper, and so on…
What else can you think of?
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  1. hey girl - this is amazing and "just something you whipped up"? that's just sheer talent.

    love it...this artful thursday thing is too much fun...have a great weekend.


  2. I love this! It is so pretty and it makes me think of spring. Very nice touch with the flowers!!

  3. I love this- it is so sweet. I adore the pretty flowers- very nice :)

  4. You are really talented! This looks amazing and sooo sooo beautiful! I really love it too! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


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