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January 27, 2010
Packaging Love Birds
Sometimes I struggle with packaging.  Is it easy for you, crafty readers?  Do you have a method for all your items?
For these Love Birds, I wanted to make sure that kids wouldn’t grab and play with them – to keep them clean and to protect the eyes from being poked out of the fabric. So, I:
  • bagged them in cellophane corsage bags;
  • tied with a strip of fabric from my scrap bag;
  • used a Sizzix machine (a great find at a yard sale last summer!) to cut out the hearts from a wool sweater that I had shrunk. 
  • Added an eyelet (sewing box salvage from an antique store), and some bakery twine (saved from a real bakery box, thanks to NY bakeries that still use it!) to add some ‘love’.  
  • Finished each off with a label printed on sticker paper and punched out with a 1” circle punch – (trying to make the most of that tool purchase!)
Since these are going to be on a shelf in a shop, I thought about them differently than  items that I may store at home and sell online.  But now that I have done this, I’m thinking it would be really nice to ship items like this, too & will wrap, everything sold, like this, through V-day. 
There’s an Etsy Packaging Pool at flickr that I turn to sometimes for inspiration.  What about you?


  1. I think that's a great idea to also pkg them to ship like that. If they're gifts, they're ready to be given!

    I usually wrap my toy sets and smaller items in tissue paper (fun paper not just solid boring colors). I then attach one of my logos that I print out on paper and cut out w/scrapbook scissors, onto the front. Put them in a cello bag and away they go!

    People seem to appreciate the little extra effort in nice packaging.

  2. Mmm, great topic. I've been running an idea of writing about packaging in my head for a while now. I think I even started a draft somewhere :)
    I don't sell anything in stores (yet ;) but I do package my stuff before sending it out.
    My favorite packaging embellishment is a bunch of colorful and funky yarns (I'm not sure if they qualify for that name, but you can get them for a $1/spool in "overstock" type stores). They are fun and pretty and "finish" the look. I usually hole-punch and attach my business card with a little thank you note on the back. I'm also using the shredded colorful papers (you can put pretty much anything through the shredder, right?). They work very nicely for the 3-dimensional items, like my rocks :)

  3. Tam, what a great way to recycle and reuse.


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