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January 12, 2010
My husband doesn’t read this blog (it’s been over three years, you’d think he’d be a little curious by now…).  I’m sure he won’t mind a picture of him wearing braids.  real men wear hats
I knit this black hat on request and it was a hit.  I haven’t knit him anything since the sweater disaster back in the 80’s so I’m glad he liked this.

red and black flower brooch by tamdoll

Another gift, two different crochet motifs sewn together with some beads in the center.

These are all things I finished last month but didn’t get photos of until now.  Now I want to move on and have new projects here at the blog.  So, I’m going to get off the computer and see what I can create this week.  By Friday I should have my act together and am going to post some realistic goals for the coming year.


  1. You hubby is soo adorable in that cute hat! I love that hat and that gorgeous crochet motif! Have a lovely merry happy day sewing! Love to you!

  2. haha! My husband doesn't read my blog either! unless I specifically tell him to look at a particular post.
    Your husband DOES look great in that hat!
    Happy creating!

  3. These are great! I wandered over from our EcoEtsy group thread because I loved your comment about the organizer box being lost under the fabric stash. I may have to try the Quickie Cowl as well.

  4. p.s.: my husband SUBSCRIBES to my blog by email, and STILL doesn't read it much of the time.

  5. My husband started reading my blog when someone told him I blog about him. He's so vain!

  6. Don't worry Tammy....I'll never tell!
    That's the most endearing I've ever seen the man!


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