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Artful Thursdays – Tote Bag, Part II – Breaking the Rules

January 28, 2010

Cut out all the pieces, started stitching them on by hand.  D I S A S T E R!  Ripped it all out.  Got out my free-motion foot, some variegated (nice Sulky viscose) and solid cotton threads, and started stitching.  Now I’m happy:bag top

And I didn’t even need a thimble.  I like the way the back looks, too:back of bag

Sue Spargo Mimosa Tote pattern

Doesn’t really resemble the picture on the pattern – but that’s ok.  Thinking about sewing some buttons into the blue and yellow flower centers.  I don’t think I can wait until next Thursday to finish this (but I said that last week, too, didn’t I?  Breaking the rules is fun, I just wish I had read a little ahead in the pattern – instead of leaving enough batting for the rest of the front, I cut only a piece big enough for the center motif.
 (You can find the pattern here.)

Any quilters have suggestions for how to fix this problem?  Do I just stick some more batting along-side what I’ve already sewn as I piece everything together? 
Does anyone else break the rules, or do you always follow a pattern?


  1. I can't follow a pattern to save my life! If I can't make it out of my head, then it just won't happen. But, I think if you can follow a pattern, but decide to take a detour, then that falls under "Artistic License" and that's what makes a piece beautiful and unique! I love your site!

  2. Thank you!
    I always have lots of trial and error when I make a pattern for the first time, but since I hate "do-overs" I usually just try to figure out how to make it work - sometimes that takes me longer than if I had just started all over again - but I learn a lot!
    Thanks again. :)


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