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December 14, 2009
key by Tamdoll 
I don’t know what this trend is about, but I’ve been crocheting keys.  It’s been months, and then I started seeing Tiffany ads featuring them.  Figured now’s a good time to get some of my creations finished and put them up for sale, right? 
keys by Tamdoll

I crocheted these shapes after much trial and error – using a ring inside the top, using Tofutsies yarn.  Then I used some paints to add a little shine to them and enhance the metallic look.  I’m really pleased and had fun with this project.  Mixing up the beads, the paint, yarn and chain is what I love to do.  They’re for sale locally, but I just ordered some chain from Rings & Things so maybe I’ll have some at my Etsy shop in the future.

keys by Tamdoll hope faith love keys by Tamdoll keys by Tamdoll

Crafters, Do you find yourself picking up on trends? or do you make trendy items intentionally?


  1. I'm hearing that folks can't comment... I think it has something to do with blogger and the security settings - third party cookies enabled usually works for me.

  2. That is really gorgeous! You did a wonderful job! :) SOmetimes i do notice i pick up some trends here and there...but mostly i think my designs comes from what i feel like creating and what feels right. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. What a lovely design idea! The mix in textures is a nice surprise. Thanks for stopping by Mama's Magic Studio!

  4. That is truly a neat idea! I do love seeing the brand new things people come up with!

  5. Your keys are really unique! And cute!

  6. I really like these! I have seen a lot of key necklaces this season. But yours are the best!

  7. Thanks all! This is just what I needed, some positive feedback!

  8. Love them! I try to stay away from things that are too trendy, but a bit of it does wear off on me.

  9. Those are really fun! Hope your trend takes off and they sell like wildfire :)


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