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Inspiration, Finally!

December 20, 2009
unfinished tweets

I’ve been wanting to make birds, ever since April.  I still have these parts lying around – unfinished!  Why can’t I finish things?  (Really a discussion for another time …)

So, I’m sitting here, thinking about a new bird design, and I look around…. I’ve been looking at that green bird on a nearby shelf for years.  I have a few more around the house, too – all this quirky, long-beaked style.  Hello?!  So, I drew a picture and I think I’m on my way.  

new design

Hopefully to having a productive afternoon!  (Ignoring the baking, mittens-in-progress, the scarf that’s only 1/8 of the way done, and the two bags I wanted to sew this week…)

What inspires you? I’d love to hear about it.

I’m going to answer my own question here before I even post.  (Because I don’t plan these blog posts, they just develop as I write them.)  I don’t think it’s the bird that inspired me.  I think it’s the huge list of other things I need to do that makes me procrastinate with new creative ideas!


  1. There seems to be many things that need to be done for you. One thing at a time and I'm sure you will eventually complete them all. :)

  2. Those birds will be adorable when you get them done!

    As for inspiration...color...and looking at other's artwork. Taking someone's idea and making it your own.


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