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Colorful Blog Carnival

December 18, 2009
I just discovered I’m not too late to participate in the EtsyBloggers blog carnival – the last one for 2009!  These are fun, because after everyone participates, the host will feature a link to all the posts and you can read them all.

Question of the week: What are your favorite color combinations? What do you create using those colors?   I can’t really say I have a favorite color combination.  I seriously like every color.  If you look at things I’ve made in the past, you’ll see that bright colors don’t scare me away -
Raspberry CuffThe Chicken Bag  
Yes, that’s a chicken bag – mini rubber chickens on the handles.

Actually, a shop owner told me the pink cuff on the left was too bright and that I should tone down my colors if I wanted people to buy the things I make…. I eventually took it out of her shop and it quickly sold online.  I have to make what I like, or it’s no fun making it!  Does anyone want to work with or accessorize with drab colors?

I’ll make things in subdued or bold colors -
Tiny ElephantLinen Fabric Cuff Linen & VelvetSerenity Mermaid 
If I’m stuck for a contrasting or complementing color idea, I'll use a color wheel.

Sometimes it’s the color or material that inspires me, other times I just use what’s on hand to create an idea I have brewing.
Hot & Cold Brooch Robin's Egg Blue

I’m not sure there’s a color I haven’t worked with.  Do you have any that you avoid or one that you love or always gravitate to?


  1. I agree with you. You have to love what you make. People tell me to make bags in plain solid with nothing on it all the time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  2. Boring! I would fall asleep if that's what I had to sew.

  3. Bah...I LOVE the bright colors of the cuff! I do! :)

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Those are all great colors. Thanks!


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