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November 19, 2009
I’ve been thinking about this blog.
And I’ve been crafting – but – not too successfully.  Worked with some deliciously soft silk and wool yarn last night, knitting and ripping. Knitting and ripping.  I wanted to make something wearable.  Something to sell.  But it’s just not working. 
frogged too many times
I’ve also been thinking about making dolls again.  One series of something dark that’s been brewing in my  mind.  Maybe I need to take a break from all the tiny little projects that I have in progress.  I was going to start the dolls in January – but why wait? 

It’s been years since I really worked on dolls.  And here I am as “tamdoll” all over the internet.  Ha!
Usually, when I try to change modes, I’ll be drawn to something else – who knows, maybe I’ll start working on dolls and then have inspiration and success at some new wearables.

There are ornaments I want to make.  Rings, necklaces, bracelets that I want to create out of fabric and yarn.  I have lists of gifts that I’d like to put together.  So many things, I’m overwhelmed.  It’s not a bad thing to have all these ideas in my head – it’s just bad when I work on them for a while and they go wrong.  I think it’s worse when I don’t get any ideas.  I don’t have enough patience.  

I’ll have to make some lists soon and see what to do first, or at least… make a list.  Prioritize it I think.  And go from there.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! I look forward to seeing what you create. And we've all been in that scattered but motivated place. I have a feeling it will be an impetus for great creativity.

  2. I like that. "Scattered but motivated." Exactly.

  3. I've been in that situation before too. I usually find that if I really feel motivated to do something new and do it, it comes out much better than if I force myself to make something. So, go with your instincts--try some new projects!


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