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Team Work Tuesday

November 24, 2009
(It’s hard coming up with blog post titles… )
On the bottom of the right-hand column of my blog you’ll see an Etsy Bloggers link.  Each month there’s a featured blogger & this one is a delight.  Becky has a great blog full of delicious eye-candy – The Fab Miss B.  She’s been interviewed over at the team blog – here – and you can read about what she has to say about her world travels, her favorite things to make, inspirations, challenges and Etsy advice.
Her blog is really charming to look at, her photography, and the items she features are all impeccable.  She has some fun DIY projects (see the labels in her sidebar) with how-to’s. 
Of course I was drawn to her Etsy shop, beckykazana, & my favorite pick is so unique!  I’ve never seen anything like this - Birthday BannerSophisticated Lady
Love the name, too - “Sophisticated Lady Happy Birthday Banner” – who wouldn’t want that hanging on their wall for a special celebration?  What a creative use for vintage pattern pictures.
Aside from baby announcements, I don’t remember every using banners before, but with something like this, I think it would be very charming to start a new trend.
Stop by Becky’s blog & shop, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely write up! I'm so happy to be part of your beautiful blog. Merci Beaucoup!

  2. Such a gorgeous lovely shop! I adore her fun diy projects! Thank you so much fro sharing! Have a lovely merry happy day and a wonderful thanksgiving! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration, wonderful, loving and supportive friend! Love ot you!

  3. Love that Birthday sign also! I really enjoyed visiting her shop with all her vintage items! Nice blog on our MissB


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