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October 26, 2009
Project storage
It’s one thing to have yarn or fabric stashed around the house in piles, boxes, footstools, under beds, closets, (well… you get the picture), and it’s another thing when you have to find what you need to work on a project.

Last week I got overwhelmed – so much yarn lying around, copies of patterns I’d seen online or Ravelry that I wanted to make and lists of who/what/when I wanted to make them for.  At least my needles were organized & easy to find!  (read this post if you hadn’t seen how I did that.)

The point is, as I was looking for bags to store projects in, I found these sheet/comforter-set bags stashed in the closet.  These are fantastic.  Zippered all around.  And clear!  Very important, because for me – out of sight is out of mind.  And, inside, a little pocket  where the picture of the original product used to be – perfect for storing patterns and needles.  One of the bags even has a handle.  I matched up patterns with yarn and stacked them up in the bags.  Now I’m ready to go with projects to throw in the car, and I don’t have to worry about yarn spilling out and getting dirty.

Do you take projects to go with you?  I never leave the house without something to do in case I’m kept waiting.


  1. they are good, aren't they? i need more! :)

    i have a project bag (need more of those too!)

  2. oops. meant to say i have a project bag that always waits for me when it's time to grab some quick knitting. :)

  3. Great job organizing. I should post a picture of our office. Yikes! I wish rural ND had professional organizers you could hire. Ha. Guess I'll just have to buckle down.


  4. These are cool storage space for your yarns! And yes i always bring my projects with me everywhere i go too! :D Great job with the organizing and thanks for sharing it with us! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


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