A Confession

October 3, 2009
artist Dan Larson
I read comics.  There it is.  

Today was 24 Hour Comics Day, so I stopped by Double Midnight Comics to see what was going on and to see what’s new.  I read about Umbrella Academy & wanted to check it out… they didn’t have any so I’ll have to return in a few weeks.  I also wanted to see what Emily the Strange was all about, but couldn’t find anything about that.

Who’s in the picture?  That’s Dan Larson, local artist and author of Stick-Man, after a night of drawing.  Click the links, go visit and see for yourself.

Did you read comics when you were younger?  Do you still?  Which ones?  Any other confessions you want to make?… I promise, only folks that read the blog comments will ever know….


  1. This is such a cute post and it made me smile! I too adore comics and animation! It's nice to meet local artist! He looks cute...hehe Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  2. i probably never would've read comics on my own, but my younger brother collected them so i read most of his for years. x-men, avengers, the incredible hulk, fantastic four, batman (the dark knight returns was fab), iron man, etc., etc.

    i loved them. the scarlet witch was my favorite character.


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