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Almost Midnight

October 23, 2009
(In my part of the world, it’s almost midnight.  I love that readers can be anywhere at anytime though!)  I almost forgot to put up my blog post for the EtsyBloggers Carnival!  The question I’ve chosen to answer is all about… Halloween!  “What are you doing to celebrate this year?”

I’ll be doing a couple of things this year.  First of all I was invited to a Halloween party & want to dress as Medusa.  I had a plan for my hair and a few snake embellishments… but the dress was driving me crazy!  I saw a costume in the shop but it was $45 and I really didn’t want to wear one of those plasticky things.  

So… I ran to the consignment shop, got a 10 minute parking spot outside, saw a grey dress in XL and bought it quickly: costume in progress
It’s a long top and a long skirt & I’m sure someone’s mom looked great in it at their wedding.  And for $25 I have a silk outfit with thousands of beads to play with that’s going to be super comfortable!  I’m going to [try to] take off the sleeves and maybe use some of the sleeve liner fabric to tie/gather under the bust to add some shaping to the outfit.  I may gather the top of the removed sleeves and wear them lower on the arms, too.  I’ll add snakes to my hair and around my hand, maybe upper-arms, too.  Heavy grey eyeshadow, maybe face-paint?  Not sure about that one.  Of course, I’ll probably work on this last-minute sometime during the week and post pictures after the party.

The other thing I’ve been working on are some Halloween cuffs.  I seriously have to add crafting to my daily planner & put holidays on my to-do list months in advance.  I’m pretty lax about this, but really, can’t get the motive to work on winter holidays in the summer-time!  Maybe one of these years I will… For now, I finished a handful of cuffs and listed some on Etsy, and delivered others to my favorite local shop, Apotheca:
ghost snap-on cuffs orange cable cuff freeform scrabble cuff Boo! cuff

For now I've packed away my Halloween supplies and will try to remember to work on these things next August.  And fyi: drilling tiny holes in Scrabble tiles is tricky!  I broke a few bits and a few “B”’s – and there aren’t too many of those in each game box!

I can’t wait to read the rest of the blog carnival and see what other folks have planned.  Have any Halloween plans?  Or.. how far ahead do you do your holiday crafting?


  1. It's always so fun planning your halloween costume! I am looking forward to see you a Medusa! Oh and your cuffs are so cute! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and love to you!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about working on crafts out of season!
    Your costume sounds amazing! Can't wait to see it!

  3. Yeah, I broke some tips drilling too. And I learned the hard way to drill before decorating the Scrabble tiles, LOL. Happy halloween, share some pictures in your costume :)

  4. I can't wait to see photos of your Medusa costume! Good luck with it!

    I am the same way about crafting for the holidays. Most of the holiday items in my shop are things I created too late to sell last year!


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