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September 11, 2009

The EtsyBloggers Team question this week is: “1)Sept. 11 is the anniversary of a very tragic event. To make the world better what do you do? Charity donations or support, volunteering, living green or ?”  Well, to keep things simple, I’ll answer in regards to today’s date only….
I often see charity knitting links and events but I’ve never participated in anything significant.  This time, I decided to jump in.  Today, as part of The September Project, my local library is having a Knit/Crochet-A-Thon for volunteers to make helmet liner hats to send to service men and women serving in cold climates.   The library will be open 24 hours, with many different events throughout the day, and completed liners, collected until 10/1 will be distributed by Pease Greeters.
I started knitting one of these last night with Cascade 220 Superwash wool (very nice!) – on size 6 needles since I knit pretty loose.
Knitting for troops

Not sure I’ll be able to knit at the library till midnight, but I do plan on staying there at least until I get this one done.starssmall2


  1. I applaud your effort to help the heroes defending our country.

  2. gosh - never seen anybody knit like that! Great cause!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a great cause. I hope it gets more people interested.
    Also thank you for participating in the blog carnival.

  4. How wonderful!
    OK, I just have to show you this blog: http://sharingourgifts.blogspot.com/2009/09/sharing-our-gifts-across-america-50.html
    It was started by Sinclair. Newer posts will give updates on this project.

  5. At the end of the event, in October, the library collected over 300 handknit helmet liners!


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