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Yarn - in Prison, on a Plane

August 25, 2009
What’s a vacation without some crafting?!
First, a scarf – started this on the plane on the way to CA, took it out dozens of times before changing the pattern and then it worked up pretty quickly -
Ribbon Scarf

Apparently, prisoners at Alcatraz were allowed to crochet….

at Alcatraz

Inspired by this, I pulled out a crochet project I had packed, and got that completed.

This will be a wallet and the small motif – a decoration? Not sure yet, maybe a key chain. The whole thing is going to be felted, so it will firm up and shrink. Then I’ll add a zipper and have a wallet to go.

Before felting - really loose crochet.
Before felting - really loose crochet.
And… on the return trip home, some adorable crochet “Woodsy Acorn Pots” from Crochet Today magazine:
Crochet Today patternOnly about 3” tall, these little containers are really adorable. Would be nice to keep a necklace in each one so they never get tangled up!

How many projects/supplies do you take when traveling?


  1. Tammy welcome back!!! Glad you had a wonderful vacation! And your vacation creations are sooo cute...love the Acorns. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. Love the acorn pots! Adorable! A vacation is just not a vacation without yarn!



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