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August 1, 2009
cause I wear my glasses around my neck
I was interviewed by the storybeader, Deb, of the Etsy Blogger Team and I was her final Etsy seller interview. 

One thing that I love about her art is that she includes a haiku with many of her pieces.  I love this.  After creating something myself, I find there’s nothing more satisfying than adding words, even poetry to describe what I’ve made.  When I focused on dolls, this was easy as each creation came to life and I got to make a tale for each one.  I can really appreciate the art that she makes and the poetry that goes with it! Thank you Deb for the fantastic feature!!!!

beauty for your hair Woke up this morning to discover that I was a Fun Find of the Day over at Mikiye’s blog!  She saw my Pink Percussion Cuff Bracelet in my etsy shop and I love this description - “It's like cute meets ethnic funky.”   Thanks for the feature!

Mikiye is a member of the Etsy Twitter Team and it’s so nice to meet so many people through the different groups I participate in.  If there were artists like her when I got married back in 1991, I would have loved to have worn one of these beautiful flower creations in my hair. I am a complete sucker for things that sparkle and she does this in such a beautiful and elegant way – just read how beautifully she describes it herself: “… luxurious signature jeweled center glistens and glows with high quality opalescent freshwater and Swarovski pearls, sparkling Swarovski crystals and rhinestone..”  Mmmmm, maybe I don’t have to be a bride to wear something like this?  Loving how pretty this is, I’m thinking that any dressed-up summer occasion would be perfect for this jewel!


  1. AWE!
    Thank You for the lovely write up in your blog!
    I think your cuff is so creative...and you know it's all about the sharing the LOVE! HAD to write about it~



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