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Back to School = Getting Organized!

August 28, 2009
Another great question, posed by the Etsy Bloggers Team -
“Back to school.” What does it mean to you?
Well, I have kids in public school starting next week, so this definitely has meaning for me… but as I type this, I shudder. (Just the suggestion of sitting in a classroom, having someone tell me what to do makes me cringe!) So… for relevance… I’ll stick with what this means for me right now.
Peace! Organization! Regular Scheduling!
With a great big sigh of relief.
Just about every aspect of my life flows so much better when there’s a regular schedule, and thankfully, the school year gives that to me. The kids have to get on a bus by a certain time, and I have exactly x amount of hours until they return. If I’m subbing in a school that day, I know that meals have to be planned, knitting has to be packed, and I can’t be caught lounging or sleeping in. The more I have to do, the more I seem to get done.

For example, two posts ago I showed a 90% finished wallet. Since then I’ve crocheted some flowers & thrown it all into a washing machine to felt it all up:
sushi wallet
Do you think I’m in any rush to sew a zipper in? No way! I need a schedule for this. A purpose, an occasion, or maybe I can put it in my to-go bag and hand-sew it while I’m out one afternoon.
I’ve been trying not to procrastinate too much this summer, but it’s been hard. I really feel I’ll get more done if I have less time. So… that’s what “Back to School” means for me.

Oh yeah, clothes shopping, too… but having pre/teen kids now, they know I’m not crazy about the mall, so we’ve been doing bunches of online shopping! They pick out what they need, I search for coupons, and accumulate points at MyPoints.com this way, too! (referral link)

What does “Back to School” mean for you? (whether you have kids in school or not!)


  1. It's always the busy people who get the projects done.

    You go girl!


  2. I really like your zipper pouch so far. :) I don't have any kids yet so back to school doesn't really affect me that much. :)
    Hope you had a great weekend and love to you!

  3. Tammy: I need a nap after reading your blog! I give you a lot of credit for handling what you are handling - and crafting and blogging too.


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