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40th Birthday & a Vacation

August 10, 2009
Saturday was a fantastic day (& I really don’t say that too often, weekends aren’t usually my favorite – all that unscheduled time stresses me out.)  I spent the day with my girls at an art festival in town volunteering for the local Main Street Program.  I helped out at the Smear Art booth – where everyone was encouraged to add a touch to an original drawing by artist Diane Ryan.  Finger painting. Here’s how the picture looked at the start of the morning:
Finger Smear Art I
A rendition of Goffstown's unique landmark, the Popcorn Stand. 
And by the end of the day:
Finger Smear Art II
Just a few more pictures from the event at Flickr.

In the evening, my husband and friends joined us for an amazing dinner; everything was perfect and the dessert, to die for.  

Now I’m taking off for a vacation, and I’ll be back here in a few weeks.  I was worried about losing readers, was obsessing about creating some posts to have up while I was away… and I was getting miserable.  So – I’m not doing it.  Want to see a picture of the bag I crocheted?  It’s at flickr.  Or see what other projects I have on the needles? Those are at ravelry.  When I get back, or while I’m away, if I get a good photo, I’ll put it up here to share.  

Why do I blog?  To meet other amazing people like Suzanne at Threepeats!  She included one of my cuff bracelets in a recent collection at her blog, the post titled Tout Ensemble!  

Will you just look at the things she makes?  I love that she reassembles vintage pieces into something new – nobody else will ever have one just like it!

 If you’ve subscribed via email, or see my posts in a reader, then you’ll know when I return and start posting again.  I just don’t want this to be stressful.  I use this blog to connect with like-minded folks and as soon as I think of it as a “job” to do, I freeze up, it’s no fun and I’m not going to let that happen!  For the rest of you, come back at the end of August!  


  1. aha!


    I'm glad you had a nice weekend and I hope you have a wonderful and stress free vacation!!

    Looking forward to reading and seeing about it when you come back. No pressure!

  2. Happy birthday!!! I gald you had a good bday celebration! Happy vacation and im looking forward to see you back! Missing you!

  3. Tammy, hope your having a good break...just wanted to say "i miss you". :) *hugz*


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