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July 21, 2009
I love yarn.  I love knitting, and now crocheting.  I find it sooo relaxing.  In the past, I’d see yarn that I loved and bought it – with no plans.  Usually one skein, rarely more.  Who could resist that color? the texture?  maybe a sale price?  Now I’m faced with a stash of colors and weights that I am baffled what to do with it.  Yes, I like to make tiny projects and little toys – but they’re hard to take on-the-go (I end up carrying bags of stuffing and sewing tools which gets crazy!)  I’m kind of tired of making dishcloths.  Working on some baby booties… Don’t know what to do next.
Dream in Color

Do you ever have yarn lust? 

I couldn’t resist picking up this Smooshy yarn, thinking of a baby hat or two for gifts, but it may have been a bit unrealistic.  Should have had a project to work on before buying.  Next time I’m heading to a yarn event, I think I’ll look at all my projects beforehand so I can buy enough to complete something.
Baby Booties

Another pair of Saartje’s Booties off the needles.

Maybe I’m in a little slump.  Been doing things automatically and can’t get my creative mojo fired up.  Ideas are popping in my head but I’m just not sitting down to make them.  Could it be the rainy summer? 
What do you do with your small amounts of yarn?  I’d love to be inspired by you!

Want to laugh?  Visit CraftFail for my newest contribution.  A beautiful yarn, a beautiful pattern, and lots, and lots of stretch.


  1. Those booties are so cute! I buy yarn like this too and have a huge bag of one-off skeins :) You could always make some baby hats or doll clothes :)

  2. you might be able to find a trade on ravelry.

    a gnome hat in different yarns/weights can look kind of cool. http://twitpic.com/5mbra

    pom poms?

  3. or you could also make little lots of them & resell in your shop for scrappers and the like?

  4. Love the booties! I always heard it's relaxing, but it stressed me out, lol! I just couldn't get a handle on it.

  5. those baby shoes are so cute. And the finished color is great!

  6. Those booties are lovely!
    I find that one skein is usually great for making neckwarmers or cowls, plus it lets you try out new patterns/ techniques without having to do swatches.

  7. Accessories are often my go-to for one skein things. Many of the cowl patterns floating around last winter work well for single skeins of sport, dk or worsted weight yarns and many of those are free. Some worsted skeins are generous enough to make a hat and pair of mittens or fingerless mitts. Sometimes a couple of the one-off skeins will combine nicely for a bag. Colorwork can help combine multiple yarns into one project too.

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  9. I have the answer to your question! Take up weaving! Or make a bunch of felted yarn balls. I saved this tutorial - you might be interested!


    I suffer from yarn lust too!


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