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Busy Weekend Recap

July 6, 2009
 IMG_0033Crocheted this awesome beaded bracelet.  The pattern is from the futuregirl craft blog and she is so generous with her tutorials and how-to’s.  I have a feeling I’ll be making many of these this summer!  The beads I used where from one of my kid’s craft kits – and the button was a vintage one from my collection.

I did lengthen the strand the button was attached to so it would fit my wrist better.

Yesterday, I had some fresh strawberries in my fridge that were getting too soft to eat (well, I would have eaten them.. but the kids just say “eeeew… they’re rotten!”.)  I thought of making some sort of pastry with them and went to King Arthur’s Baker’s Banter Blog & their recipe of the day was Strawberry Sorbet! How could I not make it? 
That’s all that’s left, one tiny scoop.  So, so, good.


Last… and getting to be my least favorite thing are these new scrabble tile charms.  This picture is pre-resin.  I spent quite a bit of time searching for tiny images to collage.  Did the Gloss Gel coating before gluing onto the tiles.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly.. I’m experienced with these already, right? 

Well, too much confidence perhaps did me in.  I wasn’t too accurate with the resin mixing and ended up with tiles that were not drying, just sticky.  So…. I wiped everything off with rubbing alcohol and discovered 4 of the tiles had that dreaded resin seepage.  Maybe it was a good thing that I had something go wrong?  Right now I’m going to gel some more pieces to collage over the spots then mix and pour the resin again.  More carefully this time.  Wish me luck.


  1. I use resin a fair bit and have messed up complete batches even after thinking i was an expert. Your tiles look gorgeous as does your bracelet. nice!

  2. I love the bracelet. What a great combo; turquoise beads and a wooden button. Too cute!

  3. I LOVE the way your bracelet came out!! They are so super easy, aren't they?

    And I hear you, I've had resin seepage too. boo! I've been too chicken to try resin again. But you gotta keep trying, right? I do love the images you found!


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