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Back from NYC

July 1, 2009
Trying to get organized after a quick trip, still need to unpack little bits of knitting and crochet I did while on the road and take pictures of those.  What did I do while away?
Admired architectural details:
details details
Some of it knit - At the Lion Brand Yarn studio – loved this yarn cityscape in the window:
Lion Brand StudioI didn’t make it to Tinsel Trading or Purl SoHo like I wanted to… maybe next time…
Wafer candy Mochi Cupcakes
& shopped just a little bit:
Pearl River Mart ISBN978-4-529-04690-9
I loved the patterns in this book, will have to blog more about them at a later date and take some pictures.  No… I don’t have little kids to knit for, but just prefer to make small projects! Met a great woman in the mall who showed me how to read the symbol for “stitches” – now I just have to follow the charts and I think I can do it.

Anyone else love these Let’s knit (crochet!) Japanese books?

Now back to that unpacking.

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  1. You must let me know next time you are in town! ;-)


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