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Where Did April Go?

April 30, 2009
birds april 2009

“Make Something Cool Every Day in April” – what a motivator, I definitely worked toward a project every single day.  I just wish I had completed more!
I learned a lot from making these birds.  At first I sewed ten of these with the plans to do 2 at a time, 5 for B&M shop, 5 for Etsy shop.  Well, that didn’t work out well.  A pink fabric I’ve been working with stretched in odd ways and a linen one frayed at the seams.  I had to learn engineering and balance to get the legs to hold up these little guys, too.  I’m pleased with the results and will make more for sure with all my new-found knowledge.
I follow Dave of Rings & Things on Twitter and really, really love his posts- they’re always informative, inspirational & he takes time for people.  When he pointed out some bead caps, I had an idea for them, and he blogged about it – I just LOVE getting creative ideas and multi-purposing.  Go check out the post and his blog and see what I’m talking about.


  1. Your birds are soo cute and very well made! That is a great Treasury..i always adore your love letter! Have a wonderful weekend and love to you!

  2. Hi tamdoll, and thanks so much for your words of appreciation. It was really kind of you to share your neat bead-cap idea & let it be blogged over at Rings & Things. I'm always enthusiastic about ideas for multi-purposing, using components you already have in new ways. Good job!

    (@Rings_Things on Twitter)


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