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Springtime Bunnies, part I

April 4, 2009
Zakka Life

I’ve been chosen, at the Zakka Life blog, to be the Facebook Fan this week!  I am honored.  Zakka Life has some of the cutest and most clever projects and it’s one of my regular reads.

Latest project:
Inspiration: Springtime! & Mrs. Schneider. (Story accompanying bunny here.)
5” tall.
I wanted to take this picture last night, so created a light box for indoor pictures, using this template.   I only had one lamp with a daylight bulb, will get a couple of others for future use.  I’m pretty pleased with the way things came out.  Finding the white balance button on my camera made a big difference on how things looked, too – much less editing afterwards to get the colors corrected.How I made the bunny
Here you can see how I created this bunny. On the left-hand side I started with a wool crochet bunny.  Next I threw it in a hot wash to agitate and shrink, then out to dry.  The third picture is the naked bunny.  I ended up doing lots of needle-felting, too because I found holes here and there – I started out thinking it was going to be an easy project to complete and it didn’t exactly turn out that way.


  1. A trick to felting the bunnies is to use powder laundry soap instead of liquid. And if you did that then also add some baking soda to the wash.
    Load the baking soda inside the piece and throw it in the wash.

    I would also consider washing the piece more than once. Every wash should shrink it more.

  2. the bunny turned out delightful!

  3. Too cute! I may have to 'speriment with some of my angora bunny hair and see if I can make another bunny!


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