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Earth Day - Green Share

April 12, 2009
“Green Share is an effort, an idea conceived by the members of the EcoEtsy Team. It is hope - it is our promise to spread the green within our own communities all over the world.”

“At its most basic, Green Share is this:  The passing on and sharing of a gift of seeds and a starter planter that is given freely to classrooms, local businesses, neighbors, friends and family. ….  Many EcoEtsy members are participating in Green Share, but anyone can participate really!”

I’ve been an EcoEtsy member for a while because I feel it’s important to be aware of our environment.  99% of my Etsy sales get shipped out in recycled packaging and whenever possible I try to reuse and recreate from raw materials.  (See my latest bird project in the last post? All recycled fabrics!)
Green Share
 I’ve put together my packets – cut out seed packet envelopes from recycled garden catalogs, added peat pellets to start them growing and a spoonful of cosmos seeds.  Topped them all off with a sticker on the front and another one on the back with directions.  This week I will be delivering them to folks around town – sharing some spring-time hope to people at town hall, the library, maybe a teacher or two.  Next year I hope to continue this with seeds that I harvest from my own garden!  If you find this page from getting one of these packets, please be sure to leave a comment below.  I hope everyone enjoys their flowers this summer.


  1. I love receving packages in recycled paper! That is such a great idea...i think i should also try sending packages in recycled paper when it's possible! Hope you had a good easter! Have a lovely merry happy monday and love to you!

  2. What a fun idea, I love it!

  3. This is a great way to get your children involved, and aware of making our Earth more beautiful! We live in a very small community, and can make enough for so many people/businesses! Not many people in this community are EcoFriendly. We love to spread the word as a family! I have also linked you to my blog!!

    Have a Sweet Week!!


  4. Fabulous idea! I really like it! I wish I would have thought of the magazine paper wrap (more colorful), than the 100% recycled tissue that I have been currently using to wrap my eco-scrubbies in!

  5. Super cute! I love the recycled garden catalog packages and great idea to use those little peat things for planting. Thanks for sharing! xoxo Cindi


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