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April 7, 2009
a beagle
I think I have some work to do on my crocheting.  When I saw this pattern at the mutts shop, I had to get it.  This is my first “mutt”, definitely the first of many.  Also part of the “Make Something Cool Every Day in April” Challenge, hosted by Dabbled. 
I don’t really work sequentially, so “every day” doesn’t work well for me.  One day I’ll make parts, then start a new project or two, another day… maybe a week later… go back to the original project and finish it up.  Then it might be days before I photograph it and upload.  Anyone else work like this?
My yard is making something cool, flowers!  New England winters last soooo long…Still snow on the ground, but this was a welcome surprise while I was out raking the other afternoon:
Welcome Spring!
I’m glad these came up, I planted them after the ground had frozen and spent quite a bit of time hacking at the hard soil to make some room for these bulbs. 


  1. I only work 1 project at "once" when it's a sewing project...especially clothes...if I left it for a "while", it will be forever...although I want to do other crafts so badly, I control myself not to do that...

    But for other crafts, yes, day 1 I work this...day 2 I work another new one, day 3 back to the first project...I do this mostly when I feel bored (~_~)'

  2. LOVE these flowers. I lived in New England for 12 years...moved recently to California. So I remember the winters there, and remember the time when the brave little Crocuses used to sprout from beneath piles of snow! It used to make me feel so happy to see them :-).

    Your work is beautiful too! I'll go visit your Etsy shop now.


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