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April 1, 2009
My original title for this post was “Vexed” but I’m trying not to have a negative overview of things, it’s just not good for me. 

The bunnies I’ve been crocheting with wool were cute pre-felting… not so cute after… (pictures coming soon).

Fleshing out ideas directly on [short supply of] nice fabric…not such a great idea. I hate the thought of making things over again though … but I keep holding onto the illusion that as I make a new project it will come out perfect the first time. Yeah, I’ll have pictures of these soon,too.

I’m happy to have read this, but& embarrassed that I’m a month late:Sweet Penmanship Project from Design Gallery
I received a “Spreader of Love” award from the Rings & Things blog. Dave, on Twitter was one of the first to show me how people really listen out there! When I announced a new blog post at twitter, he posted a lovely comment & I truly appreciate it. And… on twitter he connects to the most interesting links and information that are truly unique. Link to the Design Gallery for the pen project is here (not affiliated,just think it’s really great).

My five awards go to folks who’ve commented on my blog or at twitter, or both!:
Tamdoll's Spreader of Love Award
♥ Jacqueline of So Cute it Hurts
♥ Rustic Diva Designs and RP Gardens
♥ FatDaddySweets
♥ Odd Dotty Dollmaker blog
A link back to “rules” are no longer available at takung.blogspot.com.

And… just one more contradiction. I’ve enjoyed the “Letter of the Week” theme, especially reading what’s going on at the Craftside blog. But – I just can’t keep up with it. I need to focus on what I truly want to do (not coming up with weekly project just to participate. When the stars aligned like on “I”, it was great, but mostly I’ve been fishing for matches & that’s not real productive.)

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  1. Love the spreader of love. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  2. Thank you! I made that robot such a long time ago, thought it was perfect.
    Good thing the rules said 5 recipients, would have loved to give more!

  3. thanks so much, and I can relate to how your week has been! Nothing I've tried this week in new designs has turned out quite right, either :) someone sent me Edison's quote today-
    "Every failure is one step closer to success" and I am passing it on :)


  4. Oh Tammy! *hugz* Thank you soo much for the “Spreader of Love” award! This is such a nice way to spread love around. Love the idea! I love your robot! Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you!

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for the "Spreader of Love" award! I've never received an award like this before. I truly appreciate it. :)

  6. Wow, thank you Tammy!! I, too, have never received an award before. You just made my morning. And now? I shall go spread the love.

  7. To steal a phrase from another cool blogger, it sounds like you have material for a few posts on "what I learned" by trying to do something... :) Keep up the good work Tammy!

    at Rings & Things


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