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March 24, 2009
cherry tomatoes

Here are my cherry tomatoes, so happy they’ve sprouted!  I save my seeds from year to year, but haven’t started plants for at least one year.. wasn’t sure if anything would germinate.  So far I’ve got sugar pumpkins and these.  I’m a bit disappointed, but not surprised, that many of my flower seeds or peppers haven’t emerged.  They were probably in storage for too long.  Or I’ve planted them too deep.  I’ll give it another week before I go out and buy some new seeds, oh how I hate to do that!

Does anyone else save their seeds? I can’t even remember where most of these plants originated.  Some were purchased plants and seeds about 10 years ago and others were salvaged from supermarket produce.  Yes, I know, I get hybrid plants sometimes… but that’s the fun!  Not knowing exactly what’s going to come up…

3/25 saw this & wanted to share, thought it was so clever:     rapunzel
From the Uncommon Goods website (no affiliation, they were just cute!): “Kids don't need a fairy godmother to make their gardening wishes come true! With these cool kits, they'll be able to combine make-believe and gardening to grow Cinderella's Magic Pumpkin, Jack's Magic Beans and the Princess' Pea.
These little recycled tin canisters have all the ingredients needed for kids to become green thumbs, including a stake, pencil, growth chart, fun activities, recipes, and certified organic seeds. A great way to get kids interested in organic gardening. Made in Idaho.


  1. Look at those seeds, Mine get that big and then die. Not sure what I do wrong.

  2. Oh no! Over-watering? Under-watering? Too cold or exposure too soon?

  3. Look at those little ones! I love your photo...it's such an inspiration about life and living. My dad save vegies seeds hehe he has a little vegie garden. I hope you little garden bloom with lots of flowers, vegies and fruits! Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you and yours!

  4. I love to save seeds! I used to save tons but haven't for the past couple of years. Veggies, perennials, annuals...all of it. I had aquariums set up in my basement with lights to act as little greenhouses. Grew hundreds of plants that way. :)


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