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Makeup Monday

March 9, 2009
On Monday I usually don’t wear makeup if I’m not going to work.  It’s my face’s day off. And let me tell you, it needs it.  I like to wear makeup.  (Sometimes I get carried away.)  Today I’m trying something new – Neutrogena makeup.  I’m involved with BzzAgent, and they supplied me with products to try & “Bzz” about.  I was sent a Mineral Sheers Concealer Kit,  eye shadows, eyeliner and mascara.  Besides using their moisturizer and sunblock I hadn’t even realized that they make cosmetics until now.
So far, I love the concealer.  Love it! It was super creamy and just what my eyes needed.  (I wear concealer every day.)  The one I received was Fair colored, I need a darker one and will definitely be purchasing this in a different shade.  And a bonus – SPF 20!  (Right now I’m using Mary Kay concealer.)
Next, I tried the “Nourishing Eyeliner” in Brown Sugar.  And you know what? I like this, too.  Normally, I use a cream pencil eyeliner and then spend time blending it in along with some eye shadow – this was very creamy and the color was nice and not too dark.  Built in smudger helped.  I’ve probably been wearing my eyeliner too dark since this didn’t need much work.  Again, this was nice and creamy and didn’t tug at my eyes.  (My current eyeliner is Avon brand glimmersticks.)
Jury is still out on the “Healthy Volume” mascara.  Mascara never works well for me the first few times out of the tube, need to coat it up a bit on the brush before I like the amount that gets on my lashes.  Doesn’t help that I have teeny, almost-blonde eyelashes, either.  Hmmm, maybe I should have before and after pics? But, would probably want to edit them to death before posting online – will have to think about that.  (My current mascara is CoverGirl LashBlast.)
I’ll try the eye shadow this week and keep using these products, report back next Monday.  Psyched for the shadows, too – they have SPF 15 which will definitely help keep back those sun freckles that my –almost 40- skin seems to be accumulating with the years, despite sunblock and sunglasses every single day.
And I know a lot of makeup is not the safest thing to be putting on my skin all the time.  I don’t use chemicals to clean my house, don’t dye my [slowly graying] hair, and try to keep as many additives out of the foods I purchase/grow/bake for my family (don’t get me started on artificial sweeteners and the nasty side effects I’ve suffered!).  Makeup is just one vice I can’t shake, and don’t want to just yet. 
I’m wondering what you think about your makeup, are you super loyal to your brands? What would make you try something new?  Or, do you just want me to shut up and talk about my crafting?  You can also visit www.neutrogena.com


  1. Tammy, i put on really light make up when i go to work but not on weekends or off days. I always have problems with mascara..they don't seem to work very well for me. Im a pretty loyal to the brands i used but im loving your makeup monday column! It is always so much fun to read and learn new things and tries about makeup!
    Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you and yours!

  2. My mom recently turned me on to Olay's Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Daily UV Moisturizer with a touch of foundation. My over-40 skin needs it. And I am loving it!

  3. So jealous you got the Neutrogena BzzCampaign! I love BuzzAgent -- but that's way better than what I've been offered lately. FYI -- I'm a big fan of Neutrogena's cosmetics. Wearing their eyeliner and eyeshadow right now.

  4. Thanks guys for the feedback!
    Jacqueline - mascara is only noticeable on my eyes when I use a lash curler.

    Alicia, my mom uses Olay, too, but I kept getting red skin when I tried it a long time ago, now I'm scared to try their new products.

    & Ketzirah - I don't know how I got this campaign, but I'm glad I did and finding out that Neutrogena makes cosmetics - I always trust their products. Not really sure though if it's a great thing that I will now be increasing the # of eyeshadows that I own!!!

  5. eyelash extentions...answer to my prayers! I love them. My eyelash tech uses 'Nova Lash' and I don't even have to bother w/ mascara. I usually get questions like...
    "Oh honey, are you sick?"
    "You don't look like you're feeling well."
    ...when I don't wear mascara.
    NOT Anymore! I swear by my eyelash extentions.


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